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New Single "Don't get me wrong" OUT NOW!

.... in case you haven't noticed. We Re-recorded the first 3 Bonfire albums "Don't touch the light", "Fireworks" and "Point Blank" with our great new singer DYAN. I no longer had rights to the albums and the Record-Company has refused to Re-release them for years. Have a look on Spotify, you won't find the songs from Fireworks etc. there. There is only used old stock. The only chance we had was to Re-record the songs. Taylor Swift did that recently because she didn't have the rights anymore. Besides, there are 4 new musicians in Bonfire. So it's legitimate that these old songs that sound terrible are recorded with a new fresh sound. We have released enough new songs since 2015. We will release 6 more singles until the 3 remakes come out on AFM in September. Then we'll go on tour for now. After that we will work on a new studio album!



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